Totobobo Anti Pollution Mask is the safest and easiest way to keep pollutants away from your lungs. There is a direct correlation between air quality and health impacts.  The risk of adverse health effects are higher as a result of polluted air and the more you breathe it. So just how safe are you and your family? Air Pollution is a detrimental for your health. Therefore you need to wear proper protective masks.So whether you are commuting to work or enjoying outdoors, stay protected. Block out Air Pollution with the best quality respiratory masks from Totobobo.

What are you doing to safeguard your health?

Anti Pollution Mask

Totobobo Bicycle Mask puts flexibility and comfort first. Weighing just 20 grams with a super elastic strap, the transparent respirator ensures to fit your face perfectly. The Anti Pollution Mask not only takes pollution prevention seriously but also takes sensitive skin into consideration. The super elastic strap contains no rubber so does not aggravate the skin and face. With Super Cool design you can switch between nose and mouth. Breathing instantly when riding through alternate clean and polluted areas. There is no need to stop to remove or replace the mask.

Air Pollution Respirator

Totobobo is Air Pollution Respirator. Renowned for its high quality and great customer recommendations. Described as, ‘The Most efficient and comfortable, least expensive dust mask I have ever used.’ Artist Brenda Boylan explained her recent purchase. ‘Protecting my lungs from the airborne pastel dust is serious business.  I’ve tried heavy ventilators and they don’t fit my small featured face. I’ve tried 3M, and a few other disposable face masks. And It seemed like they were not protecting me enough. So I searched for a small, comfortable and highly effective filter. So I found Totobobo mask.

Totobobo Cycling Mask

The success and popularity of the mask has spread worldwide. Since the Thai Police testing the anti pollution masks and given them a shining review.  Bustling cities have high pollution and virus levels and the mask can protect you from these. Outbreaks such as the Sars virus and Swine Flu can be spread throughout the air and Totobobo can stop you inhaling these. Finding the perfect sized mask is easy. Simply measure and cut the mask to the desired shape and size.While for a practice run download our paper dummy version. The simulator is a full size mask which allows you to test and practice before you cut your actual mask. Reusable as many times as you like.

Bicycle Mask

Furthermore our Anti Pollution Mask will give you endless protection from air pollutants as well as a choice of protection. Block out all harmful pollutants by ordering our mask right away! Worldwide delivery is available with delivery dates ranging from 5-14 days depending on your destination, and UK delivery is FREE.

totobobo anti pollution mask

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