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New Totobobo PRO filter is five times larger but it adds only 6 grams to the mask.

A slight weight increases for a significant gain in filter power!

Running is a physically demanding activity. Training in high level of air pollution can damage the lungs and increase the chances of heart attack and stroke. Running athletes breathe in extra-large volume of air and therefore it is necessary to increase the effective filter area in order to capture a large amount of pollutants passing through. However, simply increasing the filter and the filter carrier is not an acceptable solution. An early prototype indicates that the weight of the mask will be at least doubled (48 grams). Since we take pride in being the lightest reusable mask in the market, doubling the weight is definitely not acceptable.

Miraculously our new Totobobo PRO-filter is five times larger but it adds only 6.7 grams to the mask. More specifically from 20.1 grams to 26.7 grams, an acceptable small increases for a significant gain in filter power.

While developing product improvements we are careful to minimize the environmental impact as well as protecting our loyal user’s investment in Totobobo products. Previously users can keep using the same filters (F96, F94 F92) during the last two upgrades of the mask body. This time existing Totobobo mask (since 2014 version) users will be happy to know that they can upgrade to PRO by simply changing out the old filter.


This means you can keep running, enjoy using your very own customized Totobobo mask while sizing up your protection against air pollution even in the most demanding days.

Furthermore, this upgrade is reversible, you can switch back to old filters during the less demanding days. Don’t throw away the old filter covers and the small rubber rings, they will be useful when you want to change back.

3 reviews for PRO filter with frame – Top protection for running

  1. Paul Delaney (verified owner)

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    Great service and superb product.

  3. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    My usage of the mask has significantly reduced eye & lung irritation for me in an urban area with very high air pollution with reference to the website:, data supplied by Imperial College London. The PRO filter, is an improvement on the basic mask when the wearer becomes significantly more active than walking. The mask does have limits when activity becomes extreme, as it begins to lift of your face. Moisture can collect inside the mask but not regularly, possibly because of variation in atmospheric conditions. However it is easily cleaned out. The fact I wear glasses ensures the seal is maintained as much as possible. A further reminder than nothing is perfect, the smaller particles still get through as I discovered with incense. Overall I would recommend the masks as the basic version is very portable & the PRO filters allows for increased activity. The filtration works well from which I am benefiting. The real limit is the quality of the air taken in for filtering, for which the mask has no control.

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